Pawsome Island

Pawsome Island is a mysterious island in an unknown location. Mike, Ginny, Bebee Mochi and Huna, among many other animals are the residents of the island. All residents have different backgrounds, experiences and stories; but they came to live in Pawsome Island with a common goal which is to master love – to love and be loved. We hope to bring out the message that love is the core of living through the lens of these cute residents of Pawsome Island.

Pawsome Island 是一個未知位置的神秘島嶼, Mike、Ginny、Bebee、Mochi 和小孩 Huna 一起居住在這小島上; 他們都有著不同的背景、經歷和故事,但他們都是帶著共同的目標來到 Pawsome Island: 學習愛與被愛。 期望透過故事角色們的生活小故事帶領讀者回到以愛為核心的單純生活。